Send A Photo

You email me a quality photo of the vehicle (or one just like it), along with some ideas you’d love to see (the better the photo, the better the detail).

We Visit

By phone at 503-233-4408 or with email, we’ll have a great visit about your ideas, colors, graphics, etc.. Resulting in an estimate. 


From our visit, I’ll have a much better understanding of your ideas. Prices start at $75 for a standard 1 to 2-tone paint scheme from a quality photo.  

Fun Time

Based on our visit, I create 5 different color and design variations. Then email you proofs. Then we visit to make color and design adjustments.


Here’s where we dial in the images to be perfect. This step can be adjustments to the images sent, or trying a few more color combos. A total of 4 more images will be sent to you.


Once finished, I email you 5-7 large photo-realistic images. The size is usually  around 11″ wide. We can also print out 8.5 x 11 full-color proofs and mail direct to you for an additional $30